Vegnation: Good food for the Indian palate.

Hotel Palimar, Nungambakkam, after being taken over by CavinKare, was re-christened as Vegnation. Everything about the restaurant including the look and ambience has been renovated.

With a lot of new dishes having been added, the menu has undergone a change. While the menu is heavily dominated by Indian cuisine, it also offers a few Italian, Chinese and Mexican dishes.

Starting out

First, try the array of welcome drinks called the shooters. Not more than one gulp, they are delicious and are just enough to whet the appetite. Priced at only Rs. 10, they are most definitely a bargain.

As a starter the Jalapeno Cheese sticks are acceptable but it is the Corn Flake Paneer Fingers that truly makes the mouth water. Fried to perfection, the dish disappears the moment it reaches the table. For a spicier fare one must try the Bhindi Jodhpuri. The Summer Salad, one of the specialities of Vegnation, doesn't quite tantalise the taste buds.

A mixture of raw papaya, mango and prunes, the dish feels like something that was put together in a hurry. It has a tangy taste but is never more than perfectly adequate. On the main course front, people can choose from a wide array of North Indian and South Indian delicacies.

From all the different Indian breads offered, the Pudina Paratha is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to sample North Indian dishes. There is only a hint of pudina but it is enough to make it unique and delicious at the same time. It never over powers the side dish and therefore makes for the perfect delicacy. The Lachcha Paratha is also equally interesting and tasty.

For side dishes, try the Kaju Masala, which is one of those dishes that will not do any favours to the waist line but should be consumed once in a while as a guilty pleasure. However too much of the dish seems to tend towards being a bit bland. The Nargisi Kofta curry is a revelation by itself. It looks and tastes delicious and also adds a bit of unexpected spiciness without being too much.


The restaurant also offers different varieties of ice creams and pastries. “Deep Fried Ice Cream” practically leaps out of the menu card and if you are a fan of ice creams and don't mind the extra calories you must try this one. For the strict vegetarians, the restaurant offers eggless pastries. If you love chocolate then you must have the chocolate mousse. The delicacy is indulgent and beautifully presented. The chocolate practically oozes from all sides. It is absolutely scrumptious and practically melts in your mouth.

The menu at Vegnation offers a plethora of drinks for the customer. One can choose from mocktails to health drinks. The Lime Mint Cooler is the best drink to be had on a dry and hot day. There are also special diet drinks which would be perfect for the health nut. The restaurant also boasts many dishes that have been exclusively developed by the in house chef. So choosing from these dishes would offer the customer a new experience. There is also a newly opened Chaat Centre. The restaurant is extremely friendly on the wallet. A dinner for two including starters and drinks will not exceed Rs. 500. The portions are generous and the menu is extensive for the Indian palate. For good quality food that does not burn a hole in the pocket, give Vegnation a try.

Aishhwariya is a Final Year student of MMC at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication.

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