A reality check may help you change your life…

Slashed wrists, snapped muscles, and broken bones, well, from teens to young adults, suicides are on the rise and especially in a democratic country like India. From news channel to the daily newspapers the incidents are always reported, adding to the agony of many. The void a person leaves behind causes pain and misery. The public walls are often filled with such posters with the picture of a smiling person only to make us wonder as to why their smiles couldn’t stay on?

Death is eerie, but is the natural end to our mortal form. Suicide on the other hand is cruel and worse, it is self murder. You may be a victim, a disappointment, a freak, an outcast, the less loved one, the one subjected to pain, the one always blamed or it could be a failed test, a positive sign in the medical report, a break up.

No one or anything can replace what you are, so get on with life with all guts and glory. You are never alone here. There is always someone out there, so don’t just quit, instead get back to life by living it to the fullest and completing the story; your story.

A final goodbye can never replace the thousand hi’s that is yet to come. Life is often experienced by comparisons. We smile and count our blessing when we see a less fortunate one and grimace and curse our shortcomings at the sight of a fortunate one. Don’t judge a movie before you’ve seen it all, who knows you might be missing out on the best climax of all times.

SRILAKSHMI JANARDANAN, Final Year, CSE- B, Kings Engineering College, Irungattukottai

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