Darksiders 2 will see Death, the protagonist horseman, back with improved graphics, combat and gameplay.

Darksiders 2 is an upcoming action adventure video game sequel to Darksiders developed and published by the same Vigil Studios and THQ. Death — the resentful Protagonist of Darksiders 2 — is on the way with his Stallion, expected to arrive this year. The previous game “Darksiders” with War as its protagonist met with a most positive critical reception because of its stunning visual style, exquisite combats and story.


Death, the official leader of the Horsemen and elder brother of War, is described as an arrogant and cold hero. He doesn't wait for things to happen, rather, he causes them to happen. He is very harsh on others. For instance, he did not hesitate to cut off War's left arm in order to teach him a lesson. Despite this, he cares deeply for his brothers and sister, as any older sibling would. He also possesses a dark sense of humour and sees killing as an art rather than a duty like War does.

The main story of this sequel will begin after the horseman War is sent back to earth by The Charred Council for being responsible for starting the Apocalypse prematurely. The Council informs Death and the other two horsemen of War's fate. Upon hearing this news, Death angrily argues saying that War is the most honourable of the four Horsemen, and therefore could not have started the Apocalypse early. Later, unknown to The Charred Council, Death travels to The Abyss, the underworld located between the three Kingdoms, on his own quest to prove his brother's innocence by resurrecting the human race.

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This game features a clue-giver named Dust, a raven that sits on the shoulder of Death similar to the Watcher for War in Darksiders. Death, in Darksiders II, has two single-handed scythes that can merge into one halberd-like weapon with different combos. Death can also change his armour in Darksiders II. There are different sets of armour that Death wears in Darksiders II, some of them are of the Wanderer, Slayer and Necro Mancer.

It was revealed that Michael Wincott of “The Crow”-fame will voice the character Death. On February 14, THQ also announced that Darksiders II will hit stores on June 26, 2012. Death will come to you with better graphics, voice and combat. Gamers can ride his stallion with his scythe and pride.

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