I had been thinking for a while about how I could contribute to reducing global warming. Then I decided to purchase a bicycle. I finally bought a six- gear bicycle after surfing many websites.

I bought it a month back, thinking I could reduce my fuel expenses too. I zipped down roads and people looked at me as if I was driving a Ferrari on Chennai roads. I was very happy to be on a bike after three long years. I felt that I owned the roads since traffic police do not stop cyclists for jumping signals and going the wrong way on one-way roads.


My mind raced down memory lane. It was flashing with memories of incidents when my friends and I performed stunts, wheelies, and skids with our cycles. After school, we used to go home ‘triples’, despite scolding from our parents. Riding a bicycle has lost its glory. I was astonished to see some school students driving motorcycles at a very young age. We can hardly spot bicycles these days. It would be nice if people switched over to bicycles once again. I’m not saying forget your cars or bikes. Instead of driving down to nearby shops, or a friend’s place, riding a bicycle would be a better option. It also gives you a good workout. By pedalling a bicycle we reduce global warming.

Vijay Prasad, Final Year, Institute of Company Secretaries of India

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