From a workout to a means of commuting to work…

This is with reference to the many articles published on cycling. I find that there are many professionals in Chennai who cycle during their spare time or create time specifically to cycle. For some, bicycling is fun and for others, it is a choice to become healthy/healthier. I observe that the number of bicycles on the road has increased too.

Today, bicycling is seen as a hobby or a workout but tomorrow it may become an alternate means of transportation, considering the constant hike in fuel price. Bicycling is just not about pedalling and riding for miles, there is the safety aspect to consider too. We should sport the right gear like helmet, bicycle shorts with padding, a pair of gloves and a good pair of shoes.

I ride 20-25 km everyday on weekdays and 70 km on weekends. I strictly obey traffic rules just like any other motorist. In fact, I even scream at people who disobey traffic rules.

Bicycling is a great means of transportation. One should respect a cyclist on the road and not honk when he/she is riding ahead unless the cyclist is blocking the way.

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