When was the last time you wrote a letter? Hey, I don't mean the official letters that you submit in schools and colleges! I'm asking about the personalised hand-written letter to a dear one that you actually posted and waited for a reply.


Hmmm, considering technological advancement, I think I should rephrase the question: have you ever written a letter of this sort?

Well, I can see the bewilderment, shock and smirk on your faces! Understandable of course, in this super fast paced world of e-mails, SMSs and e-cards that convey all that we ever want to, who even dreams of handwritten letters? But a personalised note, in your own hand, in real ink and paper, with no virtual strings attached, has its unique worth. And trust me, for today's youth, it's no easy joke to express all the feelings with mere words, sans the aid of brilliant emoticons and smileys!

But, if you cross these little hurdles and succeed in drafting one, you will realise that handwritten letters have an inexplicable feeling about them. The surprise of getting a personal letter by post, the curiosity with which it's opened and the final pleasure of reading it.

Change track

I'm sure an occasional two pages of penned down thoughts and feelings would be a breezy break! So, the next time you want to log on to facebook or Twitter to catch up with an old pal, try grabbing a pen and paper instead, it would be a cute experience for both of you!

Vandhana is a student of Jerusalem College of Engineering

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