Using platforms like Model United Nations for education...

Well, I always dreamt of getting into the United Nations General Assembly but I don’t know what my future holds for me. Nevertheless I feel s delighted to be a part of the Brainwiz Model United Nations Conference held at Delhi in the beautiful TERI University campus. It was a terrific experience to meet future diplomats debating and discussing serious global issues ranging from civil wars in Africa, problems of refugees to human rights violations.

Later, Crisis Director Peter Vrooman (Spokesperson of U S Embassy, Delhi) also shared his experience of having served as the Permanent US Representative to the United Nations. We also enacted a mock session on how to tackle the Somali Pirate issue.

It was a very competitive session as I was a delegate of the African Union block and represented South Sudan. Researching about the issues and problems relating to Africa and South Sudan was truly an emotional journey for me as these were not only disturbing but depressing too.

Day two was the end and we left after a few chosen delegates were felicitated and rewarded for their amazing performances in various blocks and organisations. After all the work I had to do and participating in a professionally managed and well coordinated conference, I realised that there is so much to do in life as global citizens in setting up benchmarks as well as broadening our horizons.

If we are able to organise such MUN conferences regularly then it will be a wonderful platform to educate and enrich ourselves.

 S. Siddharth Samson, Final Year Engineering Student