Aspiring designers battled it out on the ramp to win the best designer title.

The evening lit up as 23 upcoming designers showcased their talent by presenting their line of clothing for the year at Reberation 2009, organised by the National School of Design. The outstanding sequences with models who carried off these clothes also saw one of them go on to become the ‘best designer’. The show saw the designers, all postgraduate students at the institution, exhibit their creations based on various themes. A few of the lines presented deserved applause not only for their creativity but also for their presentation and style.

The showcase

‘Jungle Fever’ by Neha Bihani was well received as the textures used in the collection enhanced the animal print effect. ‘ Saath Phera’ by Trupti Kondia and ‘Retro’ by Sadam Hussain were also some of the lines to watch out for. While the pheras portrayed the traditional Indian wear woven in bright colours and rightly accessorised, the retro took one back to the 60’s and 70’s as the colours used were mainly red, green and yellow along with loud flower prints and polka dots making it a collection to be revived.

However, it was the ‘Mosaic’ collection by Sneha that won the hearts of many just a little ahead of ‘Revelling Entice’ by Tamil Selvan. Mosaic was all about gardens and flowers. Though red and blue were the primary colours, it was the use of stones and pearls that added to the effect. Tamil Selvan’s inspirational line recreated the oceanic effect as the models in gowns (in colours of the sea) paraded the ramp. The cool collection sure did leave a mark on and off stage.

The event gave the audience glimpses of unique, innovative designs and vibrant colours. The show maintained the balance between traditional and contemporary forms complying with the latest trends.


Archana SubramanianJune 28, 2012

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