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Updated: November 25, 2009 15:25 IST

Compelling read

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A well-sculpted story that will keep you hooked!

The book starts with the protagonist Darby McCormick trying to cope with the special SWAT training she is undergoing. Her toughness and smartness are emphasised in the beginning of the book.

A mother and her teenage son are executed in their house. Darby is assigned to solve this case. As she goes deeper into the case she discovers that the finger prints at the spot belong to a serial killer who died almost two decades ago!

She also finds that she can't trust people around her like her friend and co-worker Coop, who begins to act very abnormal in this particular case. This raises the question: is someone tricking her or is she dealing with dead men?

Meanwhile another woman Jamie Russo who has two kids Michael and Carter sets out to take revenge on the men who murdered her husband. The murder, which changed her life, traumatised her kids and left her in a very sad state.

The rest of the plot unfolds as the connection between the two crimes is revealed. The serial killer's horrific past, what is bothering Coop and what happens to Jamie Russo are all put into place as the book progresses giving it a polishing finish.

Ups and downs

Chris Mooney definitely has a unique style of writing which anyone is bound to enjoy! The characters that are built around Darby like Coop for instance are all well crafted and blend well with the plot.

One thing about the book is that there are no loose ends! The readers are mostly satisfied at the end of the novel as all their doubts and questions are clearly clarified. The short and crisp chapters make it an ideal book to read.

However the pace of the book is annoying as more and more time is devoted to Jamie Russo leaving the readers exhausted. The detailed descriptions about latest technologies and weapons are a little boring. Also, at some points this book is a little nauseating, with horrific descriptions.

The Dead Room is a must read if you love crime, blood, revenge and serial killers! This book with its engrossing plot and exceptional style of writing is undoubtedly a compelling read.

However, stay away if you prefer light reading because this one is a big no for faint hearts!

Nandhitha Hariharan is a Std XI student of Chettinad Vidyashram

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