Pick up that waste paper and packets. Nobody likes a dirty city.

I was waiting at the CMBT to take a bus. The terminus was impressive; like a mini airport with its superb flooring, amenities and numerous stalls. My bus wasn’t due for another hour, so I took the nearest seat and plugged in my earphones to listen to music.

An elderly woman was cleaning the place. That’s when I noticed the dirt. Biscuit packets, chocolate wrappers, empty plastic bottles and other junk were strewn around the place. Only this woman was picking everything up and disposing them off.

Our government has put a lot of money and effort into setting up such infrastructure for us. A number of people are also employed to keep the place clean. But does that mean that we should trash it? Dustbins are provided in every corner and yet I didn’t see a single person throwing waste in it. Let us start small and simple. A small change can make a large impact on society.

The writer is in her final year of ECE, KCG College of Technology

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