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Updated: September 11, 2013 15:52 IST
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Cheers to wisdom!

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Have a cake: And celebrate wisdom. Photo: Ch. Vijaya Bhaskar
The Hindu Have a cake: And celebrate wisdom. Photo: Ch. Vijaya Bhaskar

Count the moments, not the years.

One of the most awaited days during our childhood is our birthday. But most of us stop ‘celebrating’ beyond a certain age, the most popular number being 30! When I say ‘celebration’, I don’t mean the birthday bash/chocolates/new clothes, all or some of which we used to do as a routine every year. What I mean is that we stop celebrating the wisdom and strength gained from the experiences of the previous year(s) and worry about getting older. Treating yourself well is not only important every day but also on the special day that you were given this huge opportunity called life.

So the next time your birthday is round the corner, whatever number you are at (of course, age is just a number), do yourself a favour by not mentally ‘calling’ your physiological age to yourself. Instead, count the experiences gained, the moments laughed, the lessons learnt, the good times spent and think about how you could outdo all of that this year.

Celebration is a very subjective term and has different meanings for each one of us. Do whatever makes you and the others around you happy, feel all the more special on this day and reinforce your core beliefs that propel you every day through this beautiful journey.

And the next time you wish someone on their special day, don’t forget to add, “Cheers to another year of wisdom and strength”.

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