When will the politicians ever find solutions to our problems?

I got thinking when I read in the newspapers about the Parliament Winter session and started counting the exact number of years since we’d got Independence. It is 66 years!

The first day of Parliament was stalled because of the Telangana issue, the second day it was because of the suspension of an IAS officer in Uttar Pradesh. The third day will go on like the previous two days. And the rest of the session would be no different either, and the Prime Minister would plead for co-operation from the opposition parties.

When will the day come when these politicians, MPs, Prime Minister, the President and all other His/Her Excellences actually find a solution for the country’s problems and make these 66 years of Independence meaningful? The least they can do is not erode the faith of the people in democracy.

The newspaper’s campaign goes, “Mind you, the youth are watching”, but, I would rather say, “Mind you, otherwise the youth are going to change you and make the change themselves!”

Sundari is a Final Year B.E. ECE student at SKR Engineering College.

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