You don’t need a document or provision to determine your worth.

Our nation, known for its diversity, has many communities and castes, from the upper to the underprivileged. To overcome these differences, caste-based reservations came into existence. Though its introduction was well-intended, recently it has started taking the wrong route. It has been misused by many, and is dividing the society further.

Opportunities should be made equal, instead. Caste-based reservation still remains a debateable subject. There is no need for eligible candidates to carry a document certifying them to be of a lower caste to prove their worth. A sound mind, education and feeling of self-worth are all you need to bring about a change in your life.

Many of the benefits are given to those who are financially secure. People with severe disadvantages cannot compete with the “creamy layer”. Reservation widens the chasm in society. Some people who don’t get the benefits through this system can turn against communities that take advantage of it. Well-balanced policies must be formulated by the government to uplift the underprivileged. Why not abolish reservations and let eligible candidates survive the open competition? Education should not be part of politics. Nurture it from childhood for a better future so that there won’t be any need for reservation.

The writer is a student II Year, Aeronautical Engineering, Anna University

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