Experts tell you what you can wear to make the summer bearable and fashionable.

CLOTHES: Anaka Narayanan (Label: Brass Tacks)

In the last couple of years the trend has been towards unconventional silhouettes (the de-constructed look or a slouchy, relaxed look) and mixing patterns and prints. Fashion, today, is all about challenging norms and making your outfits as individual as possible. It's important, as with everything, to choose looks that are true to yourself and experiment within that range.

For example, if you like solid colours and you are most comfortable in pretty tees and jeans then stick with that but play with silhouettes. Try pairing your tee with a dhoti pant. Or stick with your jeans and try tees different silhouettes and colours.

You can embrace the nerdy look with thick rimmed glasses and clothes with dots, stripes and checks or the neon look by pairing muted clothes (grey, nude, black, white) with bright neon colours. If you're bold, throw muted tones out of the window and pair a coloured top with a coloured pant. And for the very bold, try mixing prints and patterns. Fusion has never been as big in international fashion as it is today. In India, we have a huge advantage because of the variety in textiles and silhouettes so easily available here. Wear a printed tank top with a salwar; try a loose khadi kurta with coloured jeans; make a boxy tunic shapely by wearing a large belt; try painting a pair of canvas shoes with different colours… the possibilities are endless.



Jushmi Barooah (Label: Caitanya): The big, bold statement pieces are still in evidence and becoming, bigger, brighter, bolder and quirkier. Big chandelier earrings, bib or collar necklaces, statement cuffs and cocktail rings will be the ones to look out for. Antique or heirloom pieces or jewellery made with an old feel, traditional arrangements, patterns of gems and pearls, faux pearls to create a feel of heirloom jewellery, pieces using traditional motifs and grand pieces with a royal heritage is the new obsession. Costume jewellery, futuristic architecture jewellery and heirloom jewellery will also be in vogue

Girinath Gopinath (Label: Ingots): Summer 2012 will witness showers of collaboration. Fusion will be almost pervasive; fusion of ethnic and western. Natural colours will be the way of designers. The entire design world will work on one single idea – Transforming old into contemporary.

In-house design team of Cleosara: When it comes to silver jewellery, boldness crafted through simplicity is the mantra of the season. Swath yourself in vibrant colours: hues of greens and oranges. Fuss-free silver jewellery is smart to combine elegance with contemporariness. ‘Bold and Beautiful' will define the fashion tones this summer.


FOOTWEAR: Divya Raheja (Label: MINK Footwear And Accessories)

Retro is finding its space again. Heels are slowly losing their power to simpler substances like ballet flats. Also, summer 2012 will see footwear with a masculine touch. Wedges are crafting a space for themselves on the racks. In terms of colour patterns, subtlety will be overcome by a gracious boldness, where a second look will be inevitable. Quirky combinations like green and orange and green and gold are in vogue. In terms of materials, leather is out. It's all coming down to fabrics this season. Lace is the new hero. Antique patterns – crochet and glitter are the flavour of the season. Innovation is the key word; all that was there once is only being presented in different styles.


STOLES: Ritu Agarwal (Label: Barohk)

Colours will be seen in all their extravagance. Floral prints will be right up on top and will enhance ‘the look good, feel good factor'. Yellow and pink will be at the helm of the colour castle. Black should be avoided even if it is at its best. Simplicity is the mantra of the day. Above all, it will be the season of accessories, particularly stoles.

Payal is a I M.A. Communication student at M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Women.


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