Internships can actually teach you more than you expect…

When the last summer vacation kicked off, the very thought of me sitting in front of my laptop and watching all the TV soaps just made me queasy. I could not risk having to get back to college and telling my friends that I did nothing but being a lump of potato on the bed. So, I started looking out for internships.

One lazy afternoon when I was browsing through the newsfeed on Facebook I found this post with bold letters saying “INTERNSHIPS OPEN”. After a few calls, interviews and procedures, I was recruited as an intern in Survival Instincts. It taught me lots in just a few days — not only did it give me insights about working in a corporate environment but also taught me how I should defend myself in any unforeseen situations. Survival Instincts is an NGO that conducts self-defence workshops for schools, colleges, other NGOs, corporates and organisations.

Women need not be afraid of being harassed in the bus, or anywhere for that matter, if they learn the five simple steps of defending themselves, from punching the attacker’s nose to kicking their groin.

I realised that internships teach you lot more than you imagine. So students, do not waste your vacations lazing around. Instead, venture out and you might end up learning more than you think.

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