The upgraded version of Nintendo's popular puzzler is sure to keep you occupied.

The sequel has finally arrived for Picross and it's called Picross 3D. Nintendo launched this puzzler after three long years.

Developed by HAL Laboratory; Picross 3D is a total brain-drainer. You definitely need a good head to grasp the rules and the knack of the game.

Tough challenge

The objective is simple: find the hidden shape in the blocks. Sounds simple? It actually gets really hard. Players need to break away pieces of blocks using a combination of the stylus and the up button to try and reveal the hidden object or shape.

The clues are in the form of numbers which give us an idea of the number of blocks in a row or column that are a part of the shape. The blocks which you think are a part of the shape can be marked so that you don't accidentally delete them.

The shape also needs to be found before a specific time depending on the difficulty.

Picross 3D is ranked one of the best DS games by IGN and other gaming websites. And it truly is. The sound is cool as feet-tapping techno beats accompany your gameplay.

A great number of bonus levels can be unlocked in each stage by spending your accumulated stars that are obtained by solving puzzles before the time limit and without losing a chance.

My verdict: This is an awesome game for those who are into puzzles and a good game for those who are into action and FPS.

SHASHANK M., Std VIII, S.B.O.A School and Junior College