Is agony a woman’s only company?

Men often praise the woman as a symbol of love, affection and prosperity and she deserves it. But do they think or know the stress that she undergoes? No! Actually not, men praise women but hardly praise their soulmate and the women who actually gave soul to them. Some people hide this because of their power over women. Women get stressed more often due to this specific reason. There are a lot of women, specially in India, who instead of being accompanied by their soulmates are often accompanied by stress, resulting in depression and various other health issues.

It is not that men are not affectionate, but they don’t want to show it overtly. There are many women who are given respect outside their close circle but inside their homes they still remain like long-time prisoners. Though our country is free, some women still work as slaves and this situation can be changed only when men start rectifying their mistakes and become more empathetic to their loved ones.

Swathy Priya, II B.A English Literature, J.B.A.S College for Women

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