He started matching jewellery for fun and soon made it a full-time vocation. Aditya Singhania talks to Archana Subramanian about his Sunflower Jewellery brand.

When most youngsters spent their time playing with toys, Aditya Singhania went shopping with his family and helped the ladies match their earrings and necklaces. Matching jewellery soon took up most of his time and, before he knew it, Sunflower Jewellery was created, and it soon became the place to go to for all types of Indian jewellery. In this chat, Aditya talks about being a young entrepreneur, ideas in the pipeline and who would make a perfect brand ambassador.

What prompted you to start your own enterprise? Why jewellery?

I started working early even though it was just for fun. But as I learnt more about the business I was working full time before I knew it. As I am a commerce student, I have been taught to read markets and understand their ability to progress. I saw how people, especially ladies, love to shop. And jewellery is something that every woman loves.

Advantages and disadvantages of having age on your side?

I feel proud to belong to a generation that feels the need to invent or develop something rather than just get a job. The advantage is that we are young, have the hunger to learn and invent better ways by experimenting with unorthodox styles. However, the biggest disadvantage of being a young entrepreneur is to getting people to take you seriously and to make them understand that the new idea is worthy and may actually turn out to be a blue-chip.

Tell us more about Sunflower Jewellery. To whom does it cater and why?

We do not compromise on quality. We give lifetime free servicing and assistance for all our products. Our relationship with customers is what makes them come back to us!

You have used social media to market your products. How has it helped?

Everybody is on social media platforms. Using social media to display our products has helped us reach a larger number of customers.

As a young entrepreneur, do you multi-task? How different is it from what your parents would have done?

Yes, I multi-task. I attend college, study, manage my diploma courses and also work. And I still manage to take some time out for leisure. I think multi-tasking by our generation is done on a huge scale and at great speed compared to our parents mainly because of the technology.

Any special clients? Who do you think would be the perfect brand ambassador for your jewellery?

Many celebrities and fashionistas have bought jewellery from us. Recently singer Usha Uthup purchased jewellery. Deepika Padukone would make the perfect brand ambassador as I have seen her carrying off jhumkis and long earrings very well and these are our main forte.

Aditya is showcasing his collection today at Vimonisha Indian Summer Lifestyle Show at Hotel Hyatt Regency.

Contact: Sunflower Mumbai @ Ph: +91 97699-95681/ www.sunflower-jewellery.com / www.facebook.com/sunflower.jewelery

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