Your clothes and make-up are ready, but what about your hair. Celebrity hairstylist and proprietor of RUSK, Apeni George, tells you what to do.

How many times have you cursed yourself for not remembering “it” when you bought your clothes, accessories, shoes or make-up? Often your hair seems to be the last thing on your mind. So, this season we wish you a hassle-free hair day. Check out these different hairdos to make the festival day all the more special. But before you take your pick, first, get your hair shaped to the desired length and texture with a little highlight; go for a global colour or use flashes in chocolate, copper gold or deep red.


Those with mid-length hair can use a hair product that will give you good hold and shine. Just brush your hair to the desired style.

For the ones that need a more structured look they can use Rusk Primitive for Matt and hold Or Rusk Gum for some shine and hold.

For those who want a sleek look use a gel to hold and shine to give it a good look and gloss.

Those who do not like styling products, yet want their hair to look frizz-free and groomed, try non-greasy pleasantly aromatic oil. A few drops will do the trick.


For straight hair

Blow/iron the hair straight and finish with some sheer brilliance gloss serum with a final hair spray to lock in the style. Also use a sparkly hair brooch, tick tacks or a nice colourful feathered band. Keep the look simple with a hint of sparkle.

For wavy hair

Use the curling tongs to accentuate the waves for more defined curls and fix them with a hair spray. You could just leave it, make different kind of braids or plait it in front and pin it on the side or back depending on your mood. Choose sparkly hair pins or other accessories to go with dress colour.

High up

For the ones who want their hair up, blow dry your hair, then use the curling iron (or hot rollers) very gently to create soft curls. Start pinning the hair up very softly without making it look too hard. Pin only one side up or pin all up leaving the ends hanging in soft curls.

For those who want to just sleek it all back in a high or low pony tail, use a good hair gel to comb it all back and hold it in place.

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