Live 101 featured an electrifying performance by Lounge Piranha.

Live 101 at the Unwind Center last Friday was a fun filled and lively evening, with Chennai's rock n roll band “Skrat” and Bangalore's ambient/ post rock act “Lounge Piranha”. As both these acts have a big fan base in Chennai as well as Bangalore, the venue was literally packed.

Picking up pace

The show had a delayed start due to a power failure, but with the lights back on Skrat took the crowd on a roll as they rocked away with their songs like “Soon before”, “Blackhammer man”,“Adrenaline”,“Stay Wild”, “Design” and more. The boys also played two new songs which will be on their upcoming album soon. The songs were “How did you do that?” and Gunslinger. Skrat as usual had energy in their session throughout which got the audience more excited about the music.

Lounge Piranha welcomed the audience with a very obvious effect-driven instrumental. They headed straight on to play their tracks like “Ebb” , “Snakes and lotuses”, “Gun song” and the others from their recent album. The band is known for its ambient guitar patches, effects rooted out of a laptop, some heavy drumming and not to forget — a bunch of groovy notes played by their new bassist Shalini. Lounge Piranha's session was more smooth and easy. The crowd loved the music and even sang along. Later that evening, as they were about to play their last song the power went off, and out came their acoustic guitars. The band entertained the crowd with its acoustic skills playing “Hand hole” on request by the audience, slowly concluding the show which turned out to be a big success.

Hudstin is a Visual Communications student at Loyola College and a drummer.

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