Blueberry, Strawberry, Ferro Rocher, Mango, Caramel, White Chocolate... one can go on feasting at the spectacular display of cupcakes at the Little House of Cupcakes, Besant Nagar. Run by best friends Akash Gupta (just out of college) and Rumaiza Fathima, a student of Architecture at the SRM University, it is a treat both for the eyes and the palette.

The venture began as a source for extra money and was promoted through Facebook and Blackberry Messenger! “Six months back it was not easy and in the first month we hardly few orders. But we used that time to market our brand and gain some popularity through our Facebook page,” says Rumaiza. “We wanted a strong footing for the brand to make it easier for the members to actually come to the store and buy their favourite cupcakes off the racks.”

Once that was taken care of, the duo used their time to juggle college and delivering cupcake orders. which were now coming in every day. “The response was so overwhelming that we decided to start on a serious note,” says Akash Gupta. In fact Akash, who has just finished his BBA at Loyola College, said that he had always wanted to be an entrepreneur and not work under anyone.

Food lovers

Creating a brand and promoting it wholeheartedly along with someone you have known since childhood seemed the right thing to do. “Both of us are hardcore foodies and this helps us create the best and filter out what does not work,” adds Rumaiza. Having sold cupcakes at several parties, engagements, birthdays, they were in for a surprise at the 50th birthday party. “The customer later called us in for a meeting and here we are,” he finishes the story. The duo got lucky with their investor.

The store also sells cakes, mousse, cheese cakes, sandwiches and coffee. “We wanted to sell the brand as a warm cosy nook to hang out with friends. The cosy little Victorian hut with cupcake stools and decor is Rumaiza’s handiwork,” adds Akash. When asked about their menu they agree that a few signature dishes sell like hot cakes. But the others change every other day to add to the variety. “We love to add things to make it personal and that’s our USP.”

From favourites like Spongebob and Angry Birds, they’ve also created a Mac Book cake for the Apple lovers! Where do they see themselves five years from now? Definitely with many more outlets around the city, is the answer.


Their cupcakes are priced between Rs. 60 and Rs. 90 depending on factors such as customisation, frosting, icing and core ingredients used. It may not be the first-of-its-kind but it has certainly become one of the most successful eateries in the city. If your sweet tooth is craving something new, small and guilt-free desserts, then the Little House of Cupcakes is the place to be.

Where: No. 5, 2nd Avenue, Asian Hospital Complex, Besant Nagar