Bored of the same ensemble? Craving for something cool this season? Here is how you can spruce up your wardrobe, without hurting your bank account!

It's a fun, new summer, and you're still wearing the same old jeans, carrying around last year's tote. Walking around the mall with your friends, you spot tons of new trends for this season. You enter the store, feeling that familiar thrill at having found a new item to brighten up your whole look, but a single glance at the price sends you hurtling out the door. What to do? Well, have no fear, there's a solution.

The following are a few do-it-yourself tricks to add a splash of colour and bling to your old clothes and accessories to make them seem all new for the season. With these tips, you'll be back to your fashion-queen status in no time, with little damage to your wallet!

Bling it up

Hip-hop tells you that ‘bling' is the way to go; so why not encourage your inner rapper by adding a little extra ‘bling' and sparkle to your everyday basics? Grab some shiny crystals and sequins in colours like silver and gold (or even red and blue, if you're feeling risky!) as well as some fabric glue or thread. Stick or stitch these crystals to the edge of your jeans/capri pockets or the hem of your old shorts, to give your clothes a rock-star edge. For the more adventurous out there, creating small designs, such as hearts or spirals down the edge of your jeans can give you the bold look you' ve been craving for. If you' re a little too shy to start with something that radical right away, try a little foot-bling. Fix these crystals around the edge of your old flip-flops and sandals, or even to the straps, to shine with every step you take!

Flaunt your cause

Style is not the only thing that you can flaunt this season. Take a hint from celebrities, and pick a cause for which you'd like to show your support. Most awareness campaigns have a single colour that represents what they stand for. Get a few yarn or lanyard strings in red (for the HIV/Aids campaign), pink (for breast cancer awareness) or light blue (for the non-smoking campaign), and braid them in a plain pattern or fishtail pattern to create bracelets that can be worn with any outfit. Wearing three to four at a time is also acceptable, just as long as the colours don't clash! Current trends dictate that a simple braided band can be used as an anklet, when paired with shorts and some bright flip-flops. If you're not enthusiastic about any of the causes listed above, just pick a simple blue and green, to show your nature-loving side!

Tape and totes

Any fashion expert will tell you that one of the easiest ways to re-vamp an outfit is to add a trendy bag to the mix. This season, cool prints and designs are very much in trend, especially when paired with a plain tee and jeans. However, buying a new designer bag or clutch can set you back by a few thousand rupees. Why should you spend, when there's a quick trick at hand? Just get some brightly coloured plastic tapes (available at hardware stores) to add a splash to an old bag that you're almost ready to throw out. Sticking these tapes in a striped pattern, and then creating designs over them with a few contrasting pens or markers gives the bag a whole new glam feel. Beware: this trick doesn't work with cloth bags!

Samvitha is a student of American International School.