Two books published, the third and fourth being scripted simultaneously…how many authors can do this? Meet Durjoy Dutta in an exclusive interview with NXg.

An engineer by profession and a writer by passion, Durjoy Dutta has so far written two books with his co-author Maanvi Ahuja. The moment you glance at their book, the cynical title makes you want to read them! Not to forget their equally mocking way of writing with the right pinch of humour. His first book “Of course I love you…. Till I Find Someone Better” was published in August 2008, and was listed in the India Today bestseller list for 17 consecutive weeks. His next book “Now that you are Rich….lets fall in love” is also doing extremely well. He is now working on his third and fourth book simultaneously.

Did you always want to be a writer or was this accidental?

It was totally accidental. I used to blog a lot and one fine day, one of the comments on it just made me pick up the pen. I started stringing all the posts that I had written and it ended up in a book. I really never expected it to get published.

OILY was a tremendous success. Did you expect it?

As I said, it was a pleasure enough to see my book in print. So, its success came as a pleasant surprise to Maanvi and me, and we were certainly not complaining!

In the current scenario everyone writes a book. How do you ensure your books stand out?

I really haven't looked to try and stand out, so if my books have, I would say I have been lucky. I just try to write what I feel close to and I hope people will like it.

How similar is Deb from “Of course I love you” and Durjoy?

There are certainly some parallels, but Deb is certainly not Durjoy. I have taken some liberties to portray some things as I see them, and hence the similarities between me and the narrator – Deb.

Describe love in a sentence.

Love…is something people have been trying to describe in a million words for a million years, none more successful than the others.

Some point in the book I find you being cynical about the idea of “true love”. Why is that?

It is just a feeling that these days, love doesn't mean as much as being in a relationship. I might be wrong but it is just something I feel.

The whole idea of a carefree youth falling in love is old. How did you manage to make OILY different?

It is more about the narrator telling the readers of how he thinks he falls in love, of what he feels love is. And as I said, I didn't really try to make it different; I just tried to portray what I have seen around me.

And I guess that is pretty much what everyone my age sees around them.

What is the worst criticism that you received

I am a male chauvinist with no respect for women. It has stuck.

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