Shopping just kills time…

Shopping is one of the most popular hobbies. But I find shopping irritating. The snail-paced process of choosing an item and an even slower process of standing in a queue to pay the bill is just too much to bear. Go to a shop, buy whatever you need, get out… is my policy.

But sitting in a corner, listening to conversations, observing different methods of shopping is an interesting time-pass. This was something I’d do whenever I went shopping with someone… A conservative mother whose eyebrows knit together when her daughter picks out a rather “fashionable” clothing, a timid wife who carefully looks at the price tag before suggesting anything to her rather scary-looking husband and an entire family (including grandparents) instructing the salesperson on what they wanted (though, after sometime, the salesperson vanished mysteriously). Once there was a small boy throwing a major tantrum because he wanted to try on his father’s shirt. A total laugh-out-loud situation with the boy’s mother smiling embarrassedly.

The shop employees create even more interesting situations. The person at the counter counts the change umpteen times much to the irritation of customers in the queue. Or the busiest moment of the day will see them conversing with a colleague or sorting out an issue with the printer or replacing old stamp-pads or just taking a break. The intriguing part is the reaction of the customers. With a range of items to choose from, making one’s choice seems like a never-ending issue. Some take all day to do so. And there was the day when I saw people window shop all day without putting their hands to their wallets once! That day I realised shopping kills time.  

Shibani S., XII, Prince Matriculation Higher Secondary School