When holidays didn’t seem to be like one….

It was over. My Std. X examinations were over. After working hard for two months, I was finally looking forward to three months of unlimited fun. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be. One week into my summer vacation, my parents told me that I’d have to join an IIT-JEE coaching centre for which I had to clear a tough maths entrance exam. My dad said that if I did not clear it he would cancel the holiday trip to Singapore I was so looking forward to.

I was cornered and had no choice but to pick up my math book, sit in my room and study while my friends happily played outside. Finally after solving over 1000 sums in five days, I managed to crack the exam.

But, to my horror, the holiday had still not begun. After a few days I was told that I had to start attending my IIT-JEE coaching classes. It was hard for me to digest the fact that I was being trained for one of the world’s toughest exams during my summer vacation. Now I think fun during my vacation is just a dream.

B. RAMIT, XI, Chettinad Vidyashram

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