Movie: Mayakkam Enna

Cast: Dhanush, Richa Gangopadhyay, Sundar Ramu

After a hiatus, the brothers Selvaragavan and Dhanush have created an electrifying movie that captures the attention of the youth. This film is a story about an ordinary man who aspires to be successful in his career. The adage they are trying to convey is simple “love what you do”.


Karthik (Dhanush) works as a photographer covering weddings and other social events. But his ambition is to become a wildlife photographer, so tries to join Madhesh Krishnaswamy (Ravi Prasad), a world renowned wildlife photographer, as his assistant.

Karthik is a happy-go-lucky guy who enjoys life every moment by hanging out with his favourite buddies. Karthik's close friend Sundar (Sundar) introduces his girl friend Yamini (Richa) to him. After a few pits and downfalls between them, Yamini gets attracted to Karthik. The rest of the plot deals with the twists and turns between these three which forms the interesting part of the story. But what happens next in their lives has been portrayed in an unusual style by Selva.


It is out and out Dhanush's movie and carries the film on his shoulders. This National award-winner comes out with an impeccable performance in his each of his movies. Richa has, in fact, got an amazing debut with this movie which is sure to take her places in Kollywood. Her natural style of acting requires a special mention. The new actor, Sundar is also impressive.

Selva's narrative style takes the film to a level that caters to all age groups. Music by G.V. Prakash is already a chartbuster. Cinematography by Ramji is noteworthy.

Bottomline: Watch the movie especially for its outstanding performance by Dhanush. This movie has the potential to cast a spell on everyone.

R. AARATHY, Final Year, St. Joseph's College of Engineering

Keywords: Kollywood