Are banners and hoardings the only way to show our love?

I was travelling by MTC bus on a weekend sitting by the window and noticing a lot of Flex hoardings, cut-outs and banners displayed, tied to street lights on either side of the road and also along the divider of the road. I found this along a stretch of approximately three km until the bus turned and by which time I would have seen a minimum of 2000 displays of all sizes.

I was surprised and saddened at the same time. I was pained to see people spending so much money on those displays which will probably be removed the very next day. This is more so on Independence day, birthdays of celebrities or politicians, political party celebrations, movie releases and other such events.

I understand that this is the followers’ /fans’ way of expressing their love to the person in the hoardings, but is it wise to spend so much in this way? Do the celebrities expect this kind of expression from his/ her followers? Can’t we spend the money on feeding underprivileged people or in some developmental activities to celebrate the same occasions?

To whomsoever it may concern, please guide your followers/fans and well wishers to divert the money spent on these banners towards some social cause.

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