Colleges too have now begun to advertise, making a business out of education.

I often travel in trains and buses and observe things on the road. Years ago, I used to see advertisement banners for jewellery shops, clothes and other such commercial and retail businesses. But nowadays, wherever I go, I can spot at least 10 to 20 banners carrying advertisements for engineering colleges at every railway station, at the rear side of a bus and bus stops.

With the youth population at an all time high, new engineering colleges crop up at every nook and corner of the State. Do these new engineering colleges secure a good future for the students? How many of the students get paced in good companies? Parents must stop pushing their children to get into engineering colleges thinking that his/her life is settled if he/she becomes an engineer.

There are also engineering colleges that provide good education with good on-campus placement records, but these colleges don’t advertise.

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