A bunch of differently-abled youngsters share stories of their growth and journey. Payal Chhabria listens in…

Build contacts

I have been fascinated by sports ever since I was a young boy. And I consider myself immensely blessed and lucky that my job as a Sub-Editor at the Sports Desk of a leading national newspaper is giving me the opportunity to translate my passion into work. I must insist that my transition from college to a corporate environment has been an easy and smooth one, owing to the constant support and encouragement from family, friends and colleagues. Many a time, elders specifically, are very protective about children with a physical condition, and restrain them from being exposed to the world around. I strongly believe that it is absolutely essential for us to mingle with other people that will in turn enhance our personality and skills and give us that certain security that we absolutely deserve.


Focus on the positives

There is a certain stereotyping about what differently-abled people can do and what they cannot. For instance, people seem to think that we are capable of doing a bank job or can play a receptionist’s role well. While I agree that we may be fully capable of doing that, I also think that each of us have certain strengths and skill-sets that are distinctive, and can produce highly beneficial results if given an opportunity to hone and practise them. I am a Communication and Media Studies graduate and have been exposed to tedious subjects like filmmaking and photography that demand physical work. However, when we work with a team, if we are clear about what our strengths are and focus on them solely, the entire process is simplified. I would always tell my team that I can conceptualise and write scripts, and they could do the rest. Likewise, in the workspace as well, I try and make my capabilities and strengths abundantly clear in my interviews, and ensure that within that horizon, I do not compromise on the quality that I deliver. I try and avoid people who conclude a person’s capabilities because of a certain physical condition. That, I think, is sheer ignorance on their part.


Extended family and independence

It’s been five years since I began working and I can certainly say that it has been a fulfilling, enriching and beautiful journey. I wake up every morning excited about the day, a major part of which I spend at work.

I have a great support system at work; people who are constantly motivating and inspiring me; colleagues who have grown on to become great friends and a source of encouragement. So naturally, I feel that people are accepting and sensitive in my part of the world.

I’d also like to add that apart from some great people, this job has also given me independence and security that makes me feel strong, confident and on top-of-the-world!

SANKARI K., Banking

Dream big

About seven years ago, I began working at ManageEngine as the Flash Action Script Developer. Unfortunately, newer technological developments resulted in the waning of Flash and I began developing applications for the iOS. Today, I’m proud to say that I was the first to start fabricating applications in the company, and my efforts in this space have been much appreciated. In fact, since the launch and success of my first iOS application, I have been receiving incessant requests from various product teams. I owe this success to all the warmth, encouragement, motivation and acceptance that I have received from the people at the company. They are so unbiased and so full of love that if given a choice, I would remain with the company forever and hopefully, continue to work hard, grow further and go beyond.


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