For many, their college life would probably have been a passing phase, butfor me it has been a great teacher that has turned me into a little monk (Yup, that's how my best buddy calls me!)

There had not been a day when I had to be away from my mom or dad but at the beginning of my second year they had to leave, deserting me... (well, that was how I perceived it earlier).

Early days

My first day at the hostel by itself was an eerie one, where there were just three of us ( that's in the whole college excluding the guards) I mustered up the courage to act as if I was strong enough to bear the loneliness and the grief of separation… days passed, and with none to speak to as my roommate was quite busy with that little device-cellphone ( I pity it !) , I was left staring at the winking stars that finally brought dawn on .

But as weeks passed, my subtle gesture of "May I step in, please" before entering an open room evoked laughter, and slowly, I found myself in a new world of 'friends'. One incident that still lingers in my mind is that of being caught red handed in the TV room at around 8:30 pm when we were supposed to study. There was just one channel coming up (DD)and the film being Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham. On top of that it was just the first half, the second half would be telecast the week after…( huh !) ... wondered if it was worth all the scoldings !

Fun filled

The late night discussions (around 2 am) , midnight birthday bashes, the group photos, chatting at the mess dining hall, cramming up subjects before the D day, big fights, little misunderstandings, days spent asking forgiveness, sleeping with mechanically nodding heads, taking up seminars on alien subjects, having a multi-cuisine lunch hour and the strike.

A whole lot of fun and masti , I wonder if it had been the same me who feared surviving the hostel .. .

And now I realise , the reason behind every happening, no goodbyes or farewell parties , for this "fun" is to be sought at each phase of our life !

Anbarasi is a B.Tech (IT) IV Year student at Velammal Engineering College

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