A shared passion for all things aesthetic got Vidya Arun and Puja Jayaram turn to business with Haute Décor.

Within a few months of meeting each other, Vidya Arun and Puja Jayaram decided to work together to set up their own business: a company that could cater to the home needs of people.

Haute Decor presents a range of bedspreads, quilts, bath rugs, aprons, gloves, kitchen linen, decorative cushions, gifts and everything else that can goes into making the home both stylish and comfortable. And the duo live up to their brand name both in terms of quality and array of products. Excerpts from an interview:

Why did you deviate from the usual accessories, shoes or clothes that youngsters prefer to get into?

Youngsters today are more aware about keeping their home a certain way. It’s an extended reflection of their personality. Home is where we spend most of our time and we want it to be stylish yet comfortable. Both of us had the same idea so we decided to do it togehter.

You have entered the market when the market is flooded with similar articles. How do you plan to stay ahead of the clutter?

The market is definitely flooded with home stuff but not good quality stuff. When you compare the products available to the customers with what is being exported out of India, there’s a huge difference especially in terms of quality. We plan to bridge that gap. Quality is our key.

What sets you apart?

All our products are personalised and there’s a personal touch with which our customers can reach out to us. Also we are planning to seek feedback from each customer to help us expand and promote business the way our customers want.

How do you share the responsibilities?

From sourcing to learning about quality and pricing it right, a lot of research that goes into it. We are blessed with different personalities and core strengths that help us balance our work.

How does partnering with someone from family help?

It allows a great deal of flexibility, which helps in balancing duties.

How does your age come into play?

Being young, our ideas are fresh and we adapt to changes as quickly as the trends change. So, yes, our age does help us grow every day.

Where do you see yourselves five years from now?

We would have definitely created awareness about the kind of stuff available in India, the varied colours and textures that we are naturally blessed with, and that people need not go abroad to procure good quality stuff. We also hope to have expanded throughout India.

How do you build customer base and relationship?

We are not an online company. Right now we cater only through exhibitions. People can view our product range and know about upcoming exhibitions by liking our FB page:

https://www.facebook.com/ pages/Haute-D cor/227049814099878?ref=ts&fref=ts