Foothpaths are anything but a place to walk!

Every time I decide to take a walk to the nearby grocery store just to save on fuel, I’m left fuming. The reason as most Chennaiites would agree is not so much the lack of footpaths but their rampant misuse. Footpaths usually have parked cars, hawkers and debris but never pedestrians. Maintaining a footpath is an entirely different ball game altogether but what is being done to restrict it for the exclusive use of pedestrians? Police should take action not only against vehicles parked in ‘No parking’ zones but on footpaths as well. Residents should be sensible enough to not encroach on public spaces. Lastly, the Corporation should evict hawkers and vendors. With prices of fossil fuels on an upward trajectory, global warming and health concerns due to a sedentary lifestyle, I would place our the future on good footpaths.

Vignesh N. College student

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