Why is the fear of a curse more powerful than the desire for a blessing?

On another usual day, I was travelling by train in pursuit of employment. The train was crowded as usual and after a few stations a couple of transgenders got in to beg. Some people were ready to part with their money as they did not want to get cursed by them, as their curses are believed to be powerful. But I did not budge. Again, a few stations later, few huge men boarded the train asking for donations. Again some donated as either they were scared or did not want to degrade their status. And finally, a blind old man went around singing songs and begging for money. The tragedy was that no one cared and didn’t even turn to look at his face. Meanwhile, moved by his predicament, I gave him some coins, and he blew me a blessing.

Isn’t receiving a hearty blessing worth a lot more than avoiding senseless curses? With that thought, I went about my day with great satisfaction.

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