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Hyderabad Metro Rail work in full swing. Photo: K Ramesh Babu  


Young professionals are counting on Metro Rail and investing in far-flung areas

When software professional Preethi Sunder was looking to invest in property, Yapral seemed like the ideal choice. The area had plenty of greenery, was calm and close to where her parents lived. Not to forget it was her dream home and fit well into her budget. There was only one hitch. Both Preethi and her husband work in Gachibowli and the daily commute was more than just tedious. “I didn’t want to buy property towards Cyberabad because it would be far from my family home. Also I love this area. But spending nearly two hours on the road to and fro every day did get extremely exhausting and we ended up renting a flat in Madhapur due to its proximity to our offices,” she says.

That, however, is about to change, thanks to the Metro Rail project that promises to make commuting easier once it is completed. “Once the Metro comes up we plan to move back to our home in Yapral. We love that area and cannot think of living anywhere else. I’ve used the Metro in Delhi and commuting is so convenient despite it being such a large city. Hopefully once the Metro is completed here, we should be able to cut down on the travel time from Yapral to Gachibowli,” she says.

Affordable options

With property rates within the city limits already soaring, many professionals are looking to invest in areas that are still affordable and have attractive projects, like Nallagandla, Yapral, Chandanagar and Manikonda.

However, it does lead to a sense of being cut off for a few. “These areas are quite well equipped and there’s no need to travel further for anything. But I felt cut off in a way. Each time I had to meet friends or visit family, I had to plan and set aside at least half a day to make a trip into the city. Add to that the terrible traffic snarls. More than half my time is spent dealing with the traffic chaos. The Metro Rail will take away these issues and planning a lunch or dinner somewhere in the heart of the city might not seem like a challenge,” says Anisha Chelluri, who bought a flat in Nallagandla along with her husband.

With the Metro work already in progress, many areas close to the proposed stations are already seeing property rates rising.

According to those in the business of real estate, property values in these areas are only set to get higher.

When software professional Abhimanyu Yadav decided to invest in property, location was on top of his mind. He wanted an area that was peaceful; a break from the city’s hustle and bustle. “I chose a property near APPA junction. It might seem far but it is well connected and once the Metro Rail is completed, it will change a lot of things. There are signs of development in terms of more offices and industries towards the airport, the growth corridor as it’s called. In the long term I think this side of the city has huge potential,” he says.

For communications professional Chetan Mallik, who bought a home near Chandanagar, it is the increased connectivity to Secunderabad that is a draw. “I lived in Secunderabad for many years and I miss its distinct culture. Once the Metro is completed I’ll probably be able to visit Secunderabad more often. Until now connectivity has been a big challenge,” he says, adding, “Property value wise this has been a good choice since Miyapur, which is close by, is going to be one of the major Metro stations.”

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