This Mughlai Rajasthani recipe makes for rich feasting with alternating layers of rice, gravy and fried delights.

What you need:

Hung curd: One-third of a cup

Basmati Rice: Three-fourth of a cup

Garam masala: Half Tsp

Lemon juice: Two Tsp

Salt: To taste

For gravy:

Onion: Four

Garlic: Three-fourth of a cup

Turmeric powder: Quarter Tsp

Coriander and chilli powder: Two Tsp each

Oil: Six Tbsp

For frying:

Onions and potatoes: Two each

Bread: One slice

Cooking Instructions:

For one-third cup of hung curd, strain curd in a muslin cloth for half an hour. Boil rice as for pulao. Cool completely, mix garam masala, lemon juice, salt and set aside. For the gravy, grind onion and garlic to paste. Heat oil and empty the paste. Stir continuously while adding turmeric powder, coriander powder and salt. Wait till oil separates and add chilli powder; set aside. Slice onions and potatoes and fry them separately. Cut bread into cubes and fry.

To assemble, take a microwave bowl and spread a layer of rice. Lace it with curd, prepared gravy and the fried stuff. Repeat the layering twice. Microwave for five minutes in medium mode. As an alternative to microwave, prepare the layers in a dish and set inside water in a heavy bottom pressure pan. Close the lid and cook for half an hour.

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