A traditional Tamil sweet . I learnt this recipe from my husband's grandmother, the major inspiration behind my cooking. Godhumai Appam makes for an ideal tea time snack.

What you need:

(For 8- 10 medium sized appams)

Wheat flour: One cup

Crushed jaggery: Half cup

Raw rice flour and freshly grated coconut: One Tbsp each

Salt and cooking soda: One pinch each

Cardamom powder: To flavour

Ghee/oil: For frying

Cooking Instructions:

Combine all ingredients (except oil) with just enough water to form a batter. Heat ghee or oil in a pan. Using a flat spoon, pour in the batter carefully, moving it back and forth to get round appams. Take care not to make circular motions with the ladle or the shape may get distorted. Turn over carefully when cooked. Fry appams one by one.

Note: If you feel the presence of sand particles in jaggery, it is safe to melt the lumps using minimum water. Cool to room temperature and mix in to prepare the batter. The batter need not be kept aside to ferment.

Bharathy Vasu is a home maker with music, travelling and photography as her passions. A prolific food blogger, she posts handed –down and innovative recipes accompanied with vivid photographs on her colourful blog, spicychilly.blogspot.com.

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