The Sound Of Music

Robert Wise

Probably one of the most well-known films, The Sound of Music has beautifully blended into every culture and transcended several barriers including that of language. With its wonderful songs and beautiful screenplay it found its way into the hearts of many across generations. The story is set in picturesque Salzburg in the last lap of the inter-War period, where a nun turned governess Maria (Julie Andrews), is sent to the house of a retired naval officer to care for his seven children. Originally a Broadway musical, the movie recently turned 45, but is as young as ever.

Home Alone

Chris Columbus

This modern classic follows the McAllister family as they prepare for a Christmas vacation in Paris, but the chaos in the fifteen-strong McAllister household leads to eight-year-old Kevin being left home alone. The rest of the story unfolds as Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) protects his house, all by himself from two loony bandits. Home Alone is the ideal holiday movie. Long after the film is over you'll find yourself humming the brilliant background score by John Williams.

Free Willy

Simon Wincer

After this movie was released in 1993, several moviegoers made donations to Save the Whales Foundation. Such was the reception for this film which raised immense awareness on whaling. The story is about an orphaned boy (Jason James Richter) who forms a unique bond with an Orca in a local amusement park. Known for its spectacular climax, this movie is a must-watch.

Born Free

James Hill

This critically-acclaimed film is based on the real life story of a couple who adopt a lion cub, raise her as their own and later set her free in her natural habitat. A beautiful movie, it takes the viewer to the wilderness of Kenya and focuses on the close connection that human beings have with animals. Nominated for several awards, this film is an adaptation of the autobiography A Lifetime with Lions.

Benny And Joon

Jeremiah S.Chechik

Another modern-day classic, this film is about two unusual individuals falling in love. Starring Johnny Depp and Mary Stuart Masterson, this 1993 movie is well known for the silent comedy routines by Johnny Depp which is similar to Buster Keaton's and Charlie Chaplin's. Aidan Quinn, who appears as Joon's brother Benny, delivers a subtle yet powerful performance. The background score by Rachel Portman is as unique as the storyline.

The ones that almost made it

The Lion King: Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff

Baby's Day Out: Patrick Read Johnson

Roman Holiday: William Wyler

Edward Scissorhands: Tim Burton

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Tim Burton

(Amrutha Satish is an Economics graduate based in Chennai who loves watching holiday flicks.)

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