If it's a task to miss mangoes this season, here is making most of the fruit. The legendary mud cake takes on a mango avatar here and comes out with a heady mix of the summer fruit and chocolate.

These muffin-like cups of coolness holds the sweetness of mangoes and the richness of chocolate.

A toast to summer!

Chocolate mango mud cake


250 gms diced butter

300 gms castor sugar

125 gms melted dark chocolate

250 gms boiled milk

150 gms flour sieved

4 gms baking powder

2 gms salt

2 eggs

200 gms chopped mangoes


Boil milk with sugar. Add the chocolate and mix well. Add the flour with baking powder, remove from fire. Then mix in the eggs and allow it to cool. Now add the chopped mangoes and store in the cold room. When required, bake it in greased muffin moulds for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.