Manidhanaha Iru

What it is about…

Actupon Ventures’ Manidhanaha Iru, produced and directed by Sethumani Anantha, lays emphasis on the relevance of the joint family system in the present-day context. Besides, the film seeks to highlight the beauty of Tamil language and culture and how individuals could lead a happy life based on ethics and values. The cast includes ‘Nizhalgal’ Ravi, ‘Sruthilaya’ Krishna, M. S. Viswanathan, Meenakshi, Priya, Madhumitha and Lalli. M.S. Viswanathan, who has scored the music, released the CD in the presence of the whole unit.

Music Highlights

There are 12 songs in the album and they bear the unique touch of MSV. The film has made use of one of the compositions of saint Thyagaraja and another by Kannadasan, which has been translated into English. Kamakodiyan has written four interesting songs and they are ‘Suriyaney Chandiraney,’ sung by the music director and Ananthu, ‘Kannazhagan’ by Chitra, ‘Vaanathil Irundhu’ by Prabhakar, and ‘Aringanairu’ sung by the music director and Mukesh. Saint Thygaraja’s ‘Tava Dasoham,’ rendered by vidwan Mumbai Krishnamurthy is pleasant on the ear. The director has written three numbers — ‘Kalaivani’ sung by Ananthu, Jayashree and Deepshika, ‘Irumanam Inainthu’ by Ananthu and the music director and ‘Bharatha Thayin’ by Ananthu and Kovai Murali — that make for happy listening. Poovai Senguttuvan has penned three songs — ‘Om Enum Natham’, ‘Ella Pugazhum’ (both short pieces and sung by the music director himself) and ‘Thennadudaiya Sivan’ sung by Ananthu are sure to win the hearts of listeners. Next comes ‘The world is made for me’, Kannadasan’s verse translated into English, in the evergreen voice of S.P. Balasubramaniam.

What they say…

Producer-Director Sethumani Anantha: I am a great fan of MSV. I wanted my first film to be a musical and hence Manidhanaha Iru is packed with songs. It was a fantastic experience seeing the legend come up with the songs in less than two days. I learnt many things from him — punctuality, devotion to one’s profession, innovation, improvisation, accepting others’ views and so on. Once he sits down to compose, he gets highly energetic. He is always bursting with new ideas. After composing every tune he would ask me, ‘Are you satisfied’?

Hero ‘Nizhalgal’ Ravi: Acting in the film was a real experience. For the first time, I’ve also sung a song, which is a melody. Each one of us, the cast and the crew, enjoyed working on the film. I feel Manidhanaha Iru is bound to be a hit and could even fetch an award to MSV. Music director M.S. Viswanathan: Manidhanaha Iru is a film with a message. I have tuned 12 songs for the film. I feel they will reach a wider audience and make the film a success.