Texas Fiesta offers an elaborate menu of mojitos, margaritas and salads

On a diet for a week and starved of gastronomic pleasures, Google-ing food images is the closest my friends and I can get to good food. A blog for Mexican cuisine throws up images of vibrant margaritas, cheese-soaked nachos, enchiladas overflowing with virulently bright pimento, olives and jalapenos... sigh! The food is colourful, wicked, exciting and destroys our self-control. So, the three dieters, one, a hard-core vegetarian, the other, a ‘wannabe' vegetarian and me, who needs meat 365 days a year, bid goodbye to our diet and head to Texas Fiesta, Chennai's newest Mexican joint on Shafee Mohammed Road.

A flight of steps and a sign reading, “Welcome cowboys and Yankees!” lead you to the restaurant. Ample sunlight, clutter-free interiors, drawings on walls, and interesting table mats with crosswords make for a good combination. The menu is elaborate with mojitos, margaritas, soda pops, salads, cheesadillas…

A basket of golden fried baby corn and spicy garlic chicken wings make their way to our table. The corn basket comes with generous portions accompanied by a dip. Like a well-rehearsed drill, our hands keep reaching out in perfect harmony to grab those bright crispy delightful strips. The chicken wings are intense, red and fiery, and even make my wannabe vegetarian friend reach out for one...and then another one. The Veggie Delita, a burger, in spite of being stuffed with vegetables and lots of mayonnaise, is rather doughy. The cream of leek and potato soup is a letdown too.

The burrito arrives stuffed with pimento pepper mix, Mexican rice, lettuce, salsa and sour cream, chicken and chili beans.

And finally, it's time for dessert! Apple pie with ice cream is the unanimous choice and a good one too. The triangular pie with a fresh filling is moist and warm and you can effortlessly cut it without having to battle with your spoon. Forget dieting, all that remains is a contented grin.