Watch the best of Luis Bunuel's films

Those who enjoy Luis Bunuel's works have a chance to watch five films by the renowned Mexican director-scriptwriter in “Mexican Cinema Cycle — Luis Bunuel in Mexico”, a festival of films to be held in the city from March 29 to 31. Organised by the Embassy of Mexico, New Delhi and the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation, the films will be screened at the South Indian Film Chamber Theatre, 606, Anna Salai.

“Nazarin” (March 29, 6.30 p.m.), with which the festival opens, tells the story of Nazarin, a priest, who shares his misery with the needy people of the small town of Chanta, After protecting a sex worker, responsible for starting a fire that destroys a hostel, Nazarin is forced to flee the town. On his travels, his actions cause a series of conflicts that go against his vision of charity.

When they find out that the tram on which they have worked all their lives is being withdrawn, Caireles and Tarrajs decide to steal it. An interesting story unfolds in “La Ilusion Viaja En Tranvia” (March 30, 6.15 p.m.)

In “Subida Al Cielo”, which follows later in the evening at 7.45 p.m., young Oliverio's honeymoon is ruined because his mother is dying. She tells her son to go in search of Figueroa to write her will. Oliverio's trip lands him in several unexpected situations.

On discovering his wife's infidelity, Quintin asks her to leave the house. As she leaves, he tells him that their daughter is the result of her adultery and is not really his. What does Quintin do? Watch “La Hija Del Engano” (March 31, 6.15 p.m.).

At 7.45 p.m., the same evening, “El Gran Calavera” will be screened. The rich and drunken widower Ramiro allows his children Virginia and Eduardo, his good-for-nothing brother Ladislao and sister-in-law Milagros to exploit him. Desperate, his brother Gregorio decides to make them all believe that Ramiro is ruined and that the family has to work to survive.

For more information about the film fest call 98401 51956.