Bharwan mirch is a salute to the creative mind at work in the kitchen

This recipe is a masterpiece when it comes to blending culinary influences. The everyday mirch pakora gets a very international and unbelievable makeover here. Stuffed with elegant goat cheese, it is wrapped with Japanese Panko bread crumbs and deep fried. This bharwan mirch is a heady starter and there is surprise at every layer — an example in intelligent yet creative culinary experiment. It is also a toast to good health as panko soaks in less oil.

Panko crusted bharwan mirch


2 green chillies

60 gms goat cheese

5 gms (diced) red capsicum

5 gms (diced) yellow capsicum

3 gms roasted cumin powder

2 gms white pepper powder

30 gms besan

1 gm ajwain

2 gms red chilli powder

1 gm turmeric

panko bread crumbs for crumbing

Oil for frying

30 ml sweet chilli sauce

20 gms (chopped) aam papad


Cut the green chillies lengthwise from the centre. Boil water and blanch the chillies. Drain and cool. Prepare the goat cheese mixture by adding small dices of red and yellow capsicum, roasted cumin and white pepper powder. Stuff the green chilli halves with the goat cheese mixture. Prepare the batter with besan, ajwain, red chilli and turmeric. Dip the stuffed green chilli in this batter and roll in the panko breadcrumbs. Deep fry the crumbed chillies till the colour of the breadcrumbs is golden brown. Mix the chopped aam papad and sweet chilli sauce. Serve the fried chillies with this sauce.

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