‘Art Mela' is an attempt to bring art closer to common people

Walk in with just Rs.50 in your pocket to Chitramayee, State Gallery of Fine Arts in Kavuri Hills and you can walk out with a piece of art. The ongoing ‘Art Mela' at the gallery is a unique opportunity for art lovers to buy works of art without digging deep into their pockets. The highlight of these works is its affordability factor. The works are as varied as the artists, who are from different places across India like Delhi, Baroda and Kolkata besides artists from our own state. Professional and self-taught artistes and those who paint as a hobby have displayed their works at the ‘mela'.

The first thing that hits you as you enter the gallery is also what stands out in the display – simplicity of the works, which is also the forte of this exhibition. “This art ‘mela is an attempt to bring art closer to common people. The special feature is that none of the works are priced beyond Rs. 5000,” says Rajashri of the gallery.

K. Ramesh Babu a photographer and an artist has displayed abstracts, works with rural life as the main theme and a few drawings. The other artists whose works are on display include Bala Baktha Raju, Kumaraswamy, Madhu Khurwa, Rajendra Kumar, Adi Narayana, Bithi Deb Gupta amongst others. Young artists like Sumanth Reddy and Chaitanya, Standard VI students of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan are also part of the Art Mela. Paper drawings by Kishore Ghosh are priced as low as Rs. 50. “The collection is original and there are no prints. Different mediums like oil, water colours, acrylic, collages, drawings and etchings have been used,” says Rajashri. Around 6000 works are on display at the gallery. So, what are you waiting for? Drop in at the gallery and own a work of art. The ‘Mela' is on till June 30.

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