Concept: A romantic comedy laced with suspense and horror. What makes it special is the pattern in which the horror element is thrown in to create those chilling moments that finally ends up in light banter. “It is new wave in movie entertainment” claims debut director Rewon Yadu. He started his career as an assistant to Gunasekhar and worked with him right from his debut film Ramayanam to Nippu.

Director’s take

Sivaji is cast as a software engineer and Kainaz as his love interest. When their love life is travelling smoothly, certain incidents throw their lives into chaos, creating an aura of suspense. How they overcome these horrific happenings forms the main plot. The interesting point is that the narrative is interspersed with slapstick humour. Brahmanandam leads the group of comedians. He plays the role of a promoter of Telugu who is madly in love with the language. Vennela Kishore, Dhanraj, Venu and a host of other upcoming comedians add to the entertainment.

The songs are situational and take the story forward. Avinash and Bhakthi form a pair and are cast in stellar roles. The audio release is planned in the coming week. As for the title, Boochamma Boochodu, it is a popular phrase used to warn kids when they refuse to listen to elders. In the story the title roles are played by Sivaji and Kainaz.

Yadu developed interest towards movies as a young boy when he saw a poster of Mithun Chakraborthy starrer, Commando. When he grew up he ran a video library in Panjagutta where his clients included Ram Gopal Varma and Posani Krishnamurali. He said that the library gave him an opportunity to watch different language movies and further kindled his interest to take up film making as a profession. It was also during this phase that he met director Gunasekhar who took him aboard as his assistant. After a 13-year stint with him, Yadu is now making his first celluloid statement, thanks to Ramesh Annemreddy and Prasad Reddy who have come forward to produce a movie with him. The US-based Ramesh Annemreddy is the founder of Maya, a website that takes some of the Telugu channels to Telugu homes in the Big Apple.


The locations included Hyderabad, RFC and Vikarabad. The movie is now in its post-production work at Gemini Labs, Hyderabad and is slated for release in the coming weeks.

Boochamma Boochodu

Cast: Sivaji, Kainaz Motivala

Director: Rewon Yadu

Music: Sekhar Chandra

Banner: Sneha Media-Hazen Entertainments