The amaranth soup is rich in fibre, protein and minerals

Amaranth seeds have a unique quality in that the nutrients are concentrated in a natural “nutrient ring” that surrounds the centre, which is also the section that contains starch. As a result the nutrients are protected during processing. The amaranth leaf is nutritious and contains higher calcium, iron, and phosphorus.

The fibre content of amaranth is three times that of wheat and its iron content, five times more than wheat. It contains two times more calcium than milk. Amaranth when cooked with wheat, corn or brown rice results in a meal that is complete in protein with a food value as high as fish, red meat or poultry.

Amaranth with Spinach and Tomato Sauce


Amaranth seed: 200 gm

Water: 500 ml

Olive oil: 20 ml

Spinach: 50 gm

Tomatoes, chopped: 50 gm

Basil: 2 leaves

Garlic, minced: 1gm

Onion, chopped: 1 gm

Sea salt and pepper: to taste


Add amaranth to boiling water, reduce heat, cover and simmer for 18-20 minutes.

Blanch tomatoes, remove the skin and chop fine.

Sautee garlic and onion in a pan with very little oil.

Add tomatoes, basil, salt, pepper and one tablespoon of water.

Add shredded spinach to the tomato mixture. Cook for 10–15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Lightly mash the tomatoes so that it has a sauce consistency.

Stir the sauce into the amaranth or spoon it on top.

Tip: Instead of spinach, amaranth leaves are also a great option.

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