With swimwear from Speedo

If you are looking for motivation to start swimming again, or even just learn, the newly-opened Speedo store might just give you that little push you need.

The store, located in Whitefield’s Phoenix Market City, hosts a neat collection of swimwear for all occasions. This means, as the reporter is told, there are four different categories of swimwear: competitive, swim fitness, health and wellness and play and fun.

Swimwear in the first category is designed to help cut through water much better, the googles are designed so that they don’t slip mid-dive and keep the water out without hurting the eyes.

The second category, meant for regular swimmers, also boasts of chlorine resistant endurance and high durability.

The swimsuits in these categories come mostly in sleek blacks, maybe blues or purples. The swimsuits for women come in classic lightweight shapes with contours, as is told, are designed to suit their curves.

For men, the range of swimsuits extends to briefs, shorts and jammers.

The range becomes more colourful in the health and fitness and play category. Here Speedo brings in T-shirts, shorts (only for men, as of now), flip flops and water socks.

The water socks are meant for those who are concerned about pool hygiene.

What makes it interesting is that the shorts come in an “Aqua Pack” where they fit into their own pocket and can be carried as a pouch. Then there are the quick-dry shorts which dry when dusted about four times. These shorts come in bright aqua colours, reds and yellows. These can be paired with the flip flops that are designed to let water and sand seep out.

The store also has some hand snorkelling equipment for holiday-goers, smimming aids like arm bands and junior boards for kids, swim caps, nose and ear clips, even powered Goggles (up to minus six).

Swimsuits for men begin at around Rs 600 and go up to Rs 1,899, swimwear for women is available at a price range of Rs 999 upto 2,399 and goggles are available between Rs 499 and Rs 1,699.

Speedo is located at Phoenix Market City, Whitefield Road, Singayyanapalya, Mahadevapura.

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