Record Aadharshini.P, a class IV student of Indian Public School, holds the India Book of Records for the fastest assembling and dismantling of the laptop

“It’s very easy,” says Aadharshini.P as she slides the lock of the laptop and removes the battery. Armed with a screwdriver, she removes the front panel, pulls out the CD drive, the hard disk cover, the RAM…and smiles. She has dismantled and assembled a laptop in record time and finds herself in the India book of Records for the feat. She completed the task in 15 minutes and 20 seconds.

Her father Prabhu Mahalingam runs Indsys that deals with Laptop Sales and Services across Tamil Nadu. “A summer workshop at the centre got her interested in laptops. We trained her to create awareness on laptops among children and to take their fear away from working on them,” he says.

S. Suganthan, support engineer, trained her for three months. “We educated her on the spares, beginning with RAM, modem, motherboard, hinges, the front panel, monitor, the USB drive, Wi-Fi cables and so on,” he says. As we speak Aadarshini carefully turns the laptop around, removes four screws and takes off the keyboard panel and then the keyboard. “There are three types of RAM – DDR 1, 2, and 3 that stores information. You have to remove the mother board carefully as it has a number of cables and memory chips, and then the monitor,” she explains. Once she dismantles and assembles the laptop, the jury also checks for the proper working of the laptop and if it is complete with the spares, the drives and the webcam, before it gives the citation. “I like laptops now,” she smiles. Aadarshini is also familiar with the ipad, and downloads education related information from the Apple store regularly.

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