Salon Arthi enters the Limca Book of Records for creating the longest braid

Rapunzel is a tad insecure. Her lustrous long mane may not remain her claim to fame anymore. Salon Arthi, with its record-breaking feat, has pulled the rug from beneath the fairy tale princess's feet.

Salon Arthi has entered the Limca Book of Records for creating the longest braid. Measuring 60 feet in length, the braid adorned with bright flowers was the cause of much traffic at R.A. Puram as people flocked to see it, as it cascaded down from the fourth floor of a building.

Sahitya, Miss Chennai 2009, gingerly treaded the ramp with her serpentine plait wrapped around her arm. “It's false hair. More than 30 people were required to create the false hair for the braid,” says an elated Arthi Gutta, owner of Salon Arthi.

The making of a record

It's exhilarating to watch a record being created. The frenzied atmosphere, tension and anticipation, and then, the ultimate joy of having achieved something can make even a spectator feel like she's part of the record. Once the false hair arrived, five of Arthi's staff got down to business. Deftly, they interwove strands of hair, and after an anxious hour-and-a-half, the braid was complete. The main concern while creating it was to ensure it was as light as possible.

An average person's hair weighs up to half a kg, but this record-holding braid weighed about 3.5 kg, and the fragile-looking Sahitya, at times, looked a little ill at ease despite flashing a smile for the cameras.

But that's not all. Salon Arthi created yet another record. This one, for the most number of braids on a head in a record time of an hour. Two hundred and ten little braids, laced with colourful clips gleefully bounced about on a Miss Chennai 2008, Samyuktha's head, as she walked the ramp. It was serious business as Smitha Thomas, representative from the Limca Book of Records, came down from Gurgaon to invigilate the record claim.

A fashion show was organised to display L'Oreal's latest offering ‘Homme' for men, while the young ladies showcased a variety of bridal hair-dos, ranging from fish bone to pineapple braid, and more.

Actors Ashok and Chandini Tamilarasan were present at the do, along with singer Srilekha Parthasarathy and model Sanjay Jayaram.