The paintings display myriad inspirations that form diverse styles

Every once in a while all of us need a little inspiration. It could be from anywhere – nature, spirituality, an incident or an individual. It is exactly this which is reflected in the collection of paintings on display at Alankritha Art Gallery. Titled ‘Life Inspired’, this collection of paintings by three artists; M.S. Vasu, Nirmal Karmakar and Avinash Deshmukh, showcases little things that they draw inspiration from.

Nirmal Karmakar for instance draws his inspiration from Krishna. His series of paintings all showcase Krishna in various moods and situations – in one place he is lost in his music and in others he shares tender moments with Radha. Even as Nirmal celebrates Krishna as the true Indian hero, the focus in most of his paintings seems to be on the face and its myriad expressions with an intelligent use of colour and brush strokes.

M.S. Vasu on the other hand depicts a series of sermons being delivered by a monk to all the living beings in nature. From an elephant to a bird, the monk delivers sermons to every living being, with each creature signifying a Brahma Rishi. The message he wants to pass on is that everybody listens keenly when a monk preaches. All the while his works celebrate the various elements of nature and have an air of serenity about them. He uses immense detailing in the backdrop of his paintings with religious symbology and scriptures.

Avinash Deshmukh’s works on the other hand stand apart; he celebrates the innocence of childhood while breaking away from the spiritual line of thought. His series of art works using acrylic on canvas all explore the various moods of two children – a girl and a boy as they go about their lives. From the amazement and wonder of discovering something new to the calm innocence in their sleeping faces, he explores every mood that a child undergoes.

This exhibition of paintings is on view till March 15 from 11a.m. to 7p.m. at Alankritha Art Gallery.