The Nilgiris 38th Annual Cake Show provided a certain sugar rush

Imagine being able to eat the whole of the Hogwarts castle and sink your teeth into scrumptious cake and chocolate icing. You could do that at the 38th Annual Cake Show by Nilgiris. Cakes of all sizes seem to jump right out of the fantasies of the gastronomic mind.

A wedding cake taller than the bride herself, a city cake that looks like the prototype of a small city complete with buildings and cars, a giant red shoe playing house to the five little men, cakes created to suit the fancy of the fussy birthday kid and cakes to be the star of a prized occasion. It was almost a wonder to see all the carefully crafted cakes holding up in that small room.

Patched up in parts with some obviously inedible parts like the bride being an actual mannequin, the gown and pearl necklace looked delicious enough.

The Alice in Wonderland cake is a masterpiece with the lopsided top hat of the Mad Hatter in a three-layered wonder, with Alice and the White Rabbit and other characters on different layers of the cake. The edible version of Spiderman seemed to be a hit with the many children at the show.

Other cake models included a flashy red motor cycle cake, a chariot cake, a cuckoo clock cake, a mermaid cake and even a six-tier pillow cake. That gives sweet dreams a whole new meaning.

The cake show is on at the St. Joseph’s Indian High School grounds till December 28.


Good ol’ ChristmasDecember 24, 2012